Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whole Foods BUYcott *UPDATE*

The St Louis Tea Party Coalition will be participating in the Whole Foods BUYcott Tuesday. The coalition is focusing its effort on the Whole Foods store in Town and Country near the intersection of Clayton Rd and 141. If you can't get to this location please consider going to the Brentwood location just south of 64/40 on Brentwood in Clayton.

We're encouraging people to shop between 6PM and closing on September 1st. After you checkout, please see one of the Tea Party volunteers to have your receipt photographed/scanned. We're collecting scans of the receipts so that we can demonstrate to Whole Foods that we can make a positive difference to their bottom line. Feel free to scan/photograph your receipt at home and mail it to me to forward on.


I got two videos at Tuesday evening's BUYcott. The first video is of me arriving and noticing a small crowd outside the Whole Foods. When I went into the store, I walked passed the the area with the shopping carts. I haven't been to a Whole Foods in, oh, a decade or more, so I wasn't really sure where to look for a cart. I realized my mistake when someone in a Whole Foods apron pushed three carts into the shopping cart pickup area. You see, there were none there when I arrived at about 6:15, so I had just walked right past. Yeah, the Tea Party turned out and it was fun... an friendly Tea Partier from protests past lurked around every endcap!

The second video below is an interview with Gina Loudon. She was excited about how well the BUYcott went and describes how the concept was developed. She estimated that she had collected about a thousand receipts. As she indicates in the video, it would be great to get Whole Foods same-store sales for Tuesday compared to other recent weekdays.

Some Tea Partiers may have been shocked at the checkout counter. I know I was a little surprised at my total purchase. That said, a helpful Whole Foods employee alerted me to their "Store Tour with our Value Guru". The store tour is offered on Sunday, September 5th from noon to 1:00PM and 2 to 3:00PM. Advance registration is required, so please contact your local Whole Foods or visit wholefoodsmarket.com. If you're in the St Louis area, call the Town and Country location (636.527.1160) and ask about the store tour.


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