Monday, September 21, 2009

Freedom Rally to Support Honduras

Papagayos on Manchester (click picture to enlarge)

Leftist leader Manuel Zelaya was removed from office after he violated the Honduran Supreme Court's injunction against a referendum. He violated that injunction by having ballots for his illegal referendum printed in Venezuela and distributing them in violation of the Honduran Supreme Court. He's now effectively under house arrest at the Brazilian embassy in Honduras.

GatewayPundit has news about a rally to support Honduras:
...Hondurans are fighting back against the misguided Obama administration foreign policy. The St. Louis Honduran community is planning a Freedom Protest on Tuesday September 22nd.

PLEASE-- Come out and support the Honduran people.
We will meet in front of Papagayos at 6 PM CST on Tuesday. Papagayos is located at 6922 Manchester Av, St. Louis, Mo. 63143—see picture above.

Please wear blue and white!

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Mey Pon said...

Thanks for suppourting our constitucional government precided by Roberto Michelleti. Our country is suffering because of Mel Zelaya and right know is passing thru dificult time. Any support is welcome.