Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Union MO Labor Day Tea Party

Here are my tweets from the event (twitpic.com links go to pictures from the event):
Paulette Revere has posted some highlights to YouTube:

In an email, Paulette commented on how excited she was to see so many new faces and meet so many new tea partiers. One of the speakers asked the crowd how many were attending their first tea party. At least a quarter of the hands went up and I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to 35%, 40%. I think the tea party demographic has changed and it's changed because of healthcare. Over the weekend, my wife read off Glenn's post about 18,000 tea partiers in Cincinnati. I was surprised. Then I commented: "You know what this means... It means that the seniors attending all those townhall healthcare meetings mingled with tea partiers and decided that they weren't half bad for young whipper-snappers." I'd like to thank the president and Congress for facilitating the organization of the conservative community ;-)

POedPatriot has a highlight reel and some photos. Bill Hennessy was also sporting a camera at the event. Thanks to the Franklin County Patriots for throwing a wonderful Tea Party.

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