Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tea Partiers Stand with Hondurans for a Pro-Democracy Rally in St Louis

Angela with Honduran Flag

Most of the Crowd at the Honduran Pro-Democracy Rally

Sue, an immigrant from Honduras, calls for Hondurans to Stand Strong

Karim with a plate of delicious Honduran tacos from Papagayos

GatewayPundit called for Americans to respect Honduran Democracy

We had a good crowd at the Pro Democracy Rally outside Papagayos on Manchester in St Louis. I'd estimate that we had fifty people in total—not bad for a weekday evening.

I asked Karim (he helped organize the rally) how Americans might support Honduras. Specifically, I asked what businesses and products we could buy. Papagayos at 6922 Manchester Av, which is a combination Honduran market and restaurant, is an option for St. Louisans. He also mentioned that Hanes manufactures most of their garments in Honduras. Look for a "made in Honduras" label on T shirts and other clothing you're thinking of purchasing and do your part to BUYcott Honduras!

Patch of POedPatriot.blogspot.com and Michelle of ATraditionalLifeLived.com both got video. I was struggling with equipment problems—video camera wouldn't work, camera batteries died, and the voice recorder I used for an interview didn't work. Patch had a spare set of batteries. I don't know what I would do without that guy. It's like he's my very own nanny state. Checkout their sites later this week for video!

Welcome Instapundit readers! Thanks for the link Glenn! You'll find a picture of the Instapundit amid my extensive Quincy 912 Project coverage. I've got some thoughts about citizen journalism there under the Citizen Journalism: Technology and Techniques section.

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Richard said...

Wonderful! I have no idea how to help Honduras. So few people understand what is going on and how the Obama administration is undermining the Honduras constitution and siding with Castro and Chavez. If you are on Facebook, look for a Support a Constitutional Honduras group that I am going to start.

Peter Blogdanovich said...

There are more of who understand than you think. Please hurry finding something we can support.

VeracityID said...

I live in st. louis and would love to attend some of these events. How do I get on the mailing list? Breeves002@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a military coup (and current country-wide martial law curfew because the people are angry with the coup) counts as 'pro-democracy'. Perhaps other terms (anti-leftist?), but certainly not pro-democracy.

K said...

Enjoy my youtube channel and pass it along.
There are many videos from Honduras that the international media would not show around the world. Most were made by Hondurans or were uploads taken off their TV.

I've been doing this every day for months now. I'd be happy to tie in to more contacts, and I can point to a lot of good blogs.
To those who think like 'Anon' @ 1:24:- Don't believe media lies. Nearly 90% support Micheletti. If you knew 50 ordinary Honduras people, you would be lucky to know 5 who would not say Zelays brought these problems on himself being a crook and aspiring lifetime dictater. More than 85% agree with the Unanimouse 15-0 affirmation of the Supreme court before Mel's arrest that Zelaya forfeited his position per the Honduras Constitution. These 85%-90% peaceful law-abiding Constitution supporters want the curfew in as much is necessary to prevent a small minority of violent thugs controlling their nation, many of whom are paid by illegal and foreign money. The international media has gone to great lengths to hide this reality (including bogus polls), and it has succeeded because how many people around the world know 50 or 100 Hondurans to know their reality?
If you still don't believe it, you can get on a plane and go there and find out this Truth for yourself.
Dictator Mel returned to Honduras because he only has 60 days or so to prevent election of a new president that will garner massive voter participation and he is NOT ON THAT BALLOT. What a crisis for Mel- Must add a sham 4th ballot box that authorizes him to immediately dissolve the Constitional democratically elected government and allows him to consolidate all authority of government. (this is why a rally to support Honduras is pro-democracy!)
Mel was ONLY elected to be President. His job description and limits of his power are in the Constitution. He should have read it before he took his oath. He certainly violated it many times.
To Anybody, please read this fact-based chronology to understand what happened before June 28th: http://www.hondurasthisweek.com/editorial/1442-honduras-crisis

By the way I can back up all my claims and more I did not get into with quotes dirctly from Mel himself. Everybody in Honduras has seen and heard him for 3 years doing his act. So many arrogant people around the world act like they know better and know Honduras law better.

K said...

Please read this blog as a point of departure for finding out what is really going on there, since what comes in from the international media is just a bunch of phony garbage to fit a script made to satisfy the salivating Leftists around the world.


Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Yep I'm a nanny state DSM and I have to Raise Your Taxes to pay for those "Free Batteries".

I hope to have the Video up sometime later in the week. Maybe Sunday night. I am in over my head in video footage.

Thanks for the Link.


Anonymous said...

Zelaya almost certainly wanted to become president for life. But a military coup certainly isn't a good way to block that--rather, thwarting his moves would have been wiser, neuter him 'til his term ran out as much as possible.

But now? He's a giant martyr to many and has caused the constitution to be suspended. That's not very pro-democracy or pro-constitutional.
(BTW the two can be in conflict: if a majority vote of the people overturned the constitutional term limit, what would that mean to you?)

La Gringa said...

Thank you for covering Honduras and for caring. I did a short article about buying Honduran. Cigars and coffee are available on the internet. The urgent help that we need, though, is from Washington. We need for the US to reverse their position and recognize the elections in November. All the US has to do is send election observers to assure themselves that the elections are free and fair. Why won't they?