Saturday, September 5, 2009

T. Coddington Van Voorhees makes another exceptional appearance at Iowahawk with the essay: An Ill Wind is Breaking For Our President
...the President wisely summoned me last week to an intimate political confabulation on Health Care strategy at Martha's Vineyard during his holiday there.

I am, in some fashion, Mr. Obama's "go-to man" on matters conservative, and of course agreed. I know the route to the Vineyard well; in his dotage grandfather T. Coddington [Van Voorhees] V often piloted me there in his old auto-gyro, believing it was still Prohibition and he was making libation runs to Joe Kennedy's estate. I instead took the Nancy, our old ketch, laden with a precious cargo of like-minded conservative thinkers; the Mighty Davids, Brooks and Frum, Kathleen Parker and Bruce Bartlett. Not accustomed to the rigors of nautical life, I am afraid that all spent the journey violently vomiting off the beam. But after showers and a fresh change of khakis none were worse the wear when we arrived at the harbor in Gay Head.
The whole thing is delightful.

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