Monday, October 22, 2012

#MOSen: Why Aren't the Webster Agency Partnerships Listed on Claire McCaskill's Financial Disclosure?

According to the Missouri Secretary of State website, Claire McCaskill's husband, Joseph Shepard, is a partner in at least six companies that are not listed on McCaskill's most recent financial disclosure form:
  1. Aurora Housing Associates I, LP
  2. Barry Senior Associates I, LP
  3. Fulton Associates II, LP
  4. Hermitage Associates I, LP
  5. Marmaduke Associates I, LP
  6. Washington Associates I, LP

Why aren't these six companies listed on Claire McCaskill's financial disclosure when her husband has an obvious financial interest in each of them?

In February of 2006 Craig Towerman filed the paperwork to create Webster Agency, Inc. Last week I briefly mentioned Towerman when I reported that he is the General Council of Sugar Creek Realty, LLC. I've posted the seven documents that Webster Agency has filed with Missouri's Secretary of State on Scribd.

Webster Agency was created to act as a registered agent for companies in Missouri and is currently the registered agent for 80 companies. Fifty of those companies appear on McCaskill's financial disclosure; however, thirty do not. Six of those thirty are listed above. There are another three companies who identify Shepard's flagship company, The Lockwood Group, as a partner:
  1. BAJV Limited Partnership
  2. Lockwood Venture Partners 1988, LP
  3. Westfield Housing Associates, A Limited Partnership
Perhaps there's a reason that these companies were omitted; however, McCaskill's disclosure lists three other Lockwood Venture Partners--for 1985, 1986, and 1987--and those three all use Webster Agency as their registered agent.

Why aren't these three companies listed on Claire McCaskill's financial disclosure?

My list of questions about Claire McCaskill's financial disclosure keeps growing. In the past, I've asked:

The complete list of companies that Webster Agency, Inc., represents is in the spreadsheet below:
Registered Agent Webster Agency, Inc.

Update: Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the Instalanche! It broke the embedded spreadsheet object so you'll have to follow the link immediately above to see the complete list of companies that Webster Agency represents. You'll also want to read my coverage of McCaskill's hypocrisy on whistle-blowers.

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