Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#MOGov: Dave Spence on Reliance Bancshares and TARP

Dave Spence is the Republican candidate for Governor in Missouri. He's running against 26 year career politician and current Governor, Jay Nixon. Under Nixon's leadership, jobs have fled the state and the economy has stalled. Spence turned his small business into a a multi-million dollar operation. He knows how to do the same for Missouri.

Nixon has criticized Spence for serving on the board of Reliance Bancshares, a bank that received TARP funds; however, Spence only joined that board after it had voted to take the TARP money. The Jefferson City News Tribune did an in-depth report on Spence and Reliance Bank:
Spence says his banking tenure actually cost him financially, drained him physically, took time away from his family and sometimes left him quite frustrated. If it now is a political liability, that's only because his opponents are ignoring the extent to which he tried to help out the financially strapped bank before finally resigning in March 2011 — eight months before he entered the governor's race as a self-financed, political newcomer.
In the video above, Dave Spence talks about TARP and his time with Reliance Bank.

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