Thursday, October 25, 2012

#INSen: Has Joe Donnelly Locked His Son in the Closet?

Democrat Joe Donnelly is running against Republican Richard Mourdock in Indiana's race for US Senate. Allegedly, Donnelly has disowned his gay son. Indiana Tea Party blogger Angry White Boy (AWB) has this:
A Democratic gay activist has stated that Joe Donnelly, Jr. is gay, and his father, Senate Candidate Joe Sr, will have nothing to do with him and will not discuss him. This has also been confirmed with an additional source.
AWB also notes that even that pariah of the left, Dick Cheney, showed greater love for his gay daughter and commitment to his family than has Donnelly.

h/t Greg Wright for emailing me with the link to AWB's post. Wright, a certified fraud investigator, was instrumental in exposing the fact that Dick Lugar has not lived in Indiana since the 1970s.

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