Sunday, October 7, 2012

PBS News Hour on the Missouri Senate Race (#MOSen)

From the YouTube description:
Democrats expected incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., to lose her seat come November. But after her challenger Republican Todd Akin made controversial remarks about rape and abortion, McCaskill has gained a narrow lead. Gwen Ifill reports on the key race, which may dictate which party controls the Senate.
Claire McCaskill votes with President Obama 98% of the timeTodd Akin needs your support.


freespeak said...

Sc...w you Danforth.
It's that Republican "brand" that needs to be kicked outside of the saloon to the water trough along with the progressive Democrats (oh, excuse me, that includes you)and a "rebranding" is due, with a new logo!
The fat ass and the stinky ass, NEED TO GO!

freespeak said...
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freespeak said...

We need interviews broadcasted with Akin supporters!
Rverse the "logic" of the left!