Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#MOSen: Is McCaskill Financing a Zombie Army with Tax Credits?

Senator Claire McCaskill's husband, Joseph Shepard, is the man behind Sugar Creek Realty, LLC. When I dug into the $315 million in tax credits that Sugar Creek arranged, I noticed something odd involving a $3 million tax credit that went to Lewistown Apartments, LP. Lewistown was one of three projects that participated in that award, so they probably did not receive the full $3 million.

Nonetheless, I question the wisdom of awarding tax credits to a company whose registered agent has been dead since the Clinton administration.

Robin Carnahan's Secretary of State website identifies J. William Holliday as both the registered agent and a partner of Lewistown Apartments, LP.

But a 2005 filing with the Missouri Secretary of State brings this sad news:

In 2008, why did the Show Me State send tax credits to a guy they should've known was dead? More importantly, is McCaskill, through her husband's businesses, financing an army of zombies with her windfall from low-income housing tax credits? And how can we stop them?

On Tuesday, I filed a sunshine request to get more information about that $3 million tax credit.

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