Monday, October 1, 2012

#MOSen: Claire McCaskill the Poverty Profiteer

Todd Akin has released a new TV ad criticizing his Democrat opponent, Claire McCaskill, for profiteering from the stimulus bill. The spot identifies three companies that benefited from stimulus programs: Milan Manor Associates; Saddlewood I, LP; and Sunset Hills Apartments, Ltd.

While not mentioned in the video, each of these three companies is described on McCaskill's 2011 personal financial disclosure (embedded below) as "Limited Partnership - Real Estate Affordable Housing". They're low income apartment buildings--like most assets listed in Part IIIB of her disclosure.

While income levels for American workers have fallen to 1989 levels, McCaskill has benefited from government programs intended to help the poor. She's the 18th wealthiest member of the 535 members of Congress. And that wealth was built on an empire of "affordable housing."

Every war has its profiteers and America's longest war, the War on Poverty is no exception. If you want to find the waste in America's welfare programs, you need look no further than McCaskill's bank account.

Claire McCaskill's 2011 Financial Disclosure Report

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