Sunday, October 28, 2012

Democrats Are Facing a Backlash from #Ladysmarts

Julie Borowski produced the above satirical take on Lena Dunham's pro-Obama ad. Watch it--it's quite funny. Julie's YouTube description includes links to her criticisms of the president:
Borowski has hit on a point made by John O'Sullivan of National Review Online. In How Obama’s Tactics Repel Women Voters O'Sullivan notes:
One of the most striking oddities of the Obama campaign’s appeal to women, indeed, is how it not only objectifies them but even reduces them to their “lady parts.” The campaign might even be called “The Vagina Dialogues” since it talks to women as if they were walking, talking, and voting vaginas with no other value or interests.
And that objectification of liberal women voters has created the #ladysmarts backlash--a new twitter hashtag which succinctly captures the revulsion many women feel at being reduced to sex objects. Because the Democrat message to single women is little more than "vote your vagina", thoughtful women looking for a more complete candidate will have to look past the jackass party.

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