Monday, January 16, 2012

Video: Richard Mourdock: It's Time

In their efforts to help reboot congress, the Mourdock campaign has begun airing their first TV spot. From the press release accompanying the video above:
Indianapolis, IN (December 16, 2012) Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, U.S. Senate Candidate in 2012 Republican Primary against six-term incumbent Dick Lugar, announced the airing of the campaign’s first television ad this week on statewide cable during the Republican Presidential debates on Fox News and CNN. 
The ad contrasts Lugar’s support for gun control, bailouts, amnesty for illegal aliens, wasteful government spending and liberal judges with Richard Mourdock’s record as a consistent conservative. In addition, the ad highlights Lugar’s close relationship with President Obama and his status as “Obama’s Favorite Republican.” 
Since declaring his candidacy on February 22, 2011, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock has traveled across Indiana listening to Hoosiers who are concerned about the direction of our country. 
“It’s time we stop kicking the ‘tin can of responsibility’ down the road regarding the federal budget. We must rollback federal spending, eliminate wasteful government earmarks and repeal ObamaCare, which is nothing more than a takeover of private healthcare by Washington. It’s time to elect a true conservative to the U.S. Senate, starting with the May 8th Republican Primary,” explained Treasurer Mourdock. 
It’s Time: 30 TV Spot
VO: Since 1976, Dick Lugar has voted for... 
The Brady Bill

“H.R. 1025: Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act Federal Firearms License Reform Act of 1993: Roll Call Vote No. 394.” Congressional Record. 11/20/1993.
The Bridge to Nowhere“H.R. 3058: Roll Call Vote No. 264.” Congressional Record. 10/20/2005.
The Dream Act“H.R. 5281: Roll Call Vote No. 625.” Congressional Record. 12/18/2010.
The TARP Bailout

"H.R.: 1424: Emergency Economic Stablization Act of 2008: Roll Call Vote No. 213." Congressional Record 10/2/2008.
Sonia Sotomayor“PN506: Roll Call Vote No. 262.” Congressional Record. 8/06/2009.
Elena Kagan“PN67: Roll Call Vote No. 107.” Congressional Record. 03/19/2009.
Raising The Debt Ceiling
“S. 365: Budget Control Act of 2011: Roll Call Vote No. 123.” Congressional Record. 8/2/2011.
Dick Lugar…no wonder he’s called, “Obama’s Favorite Republican.”MSNBC (10/17/2008).
Richard Mourdock…
Balance the Budget.
End Earmarks.
Repeal ObamaCare
Richard Mourdock
It's Time
Richard Mourdock: I'm Richard Mourdock, and I approve this message          

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