Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ann Wagner Opens Campaign Office

Ann Wagner is running against Tea Party conservative Ed Martin in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District. She begins speaking in the video above at the one minute mark.


Zotta's Perspective said...

Mike Huckabee, an Establishment RINO endorses Ann Wagner. What a surprise?Huckabee supports "comprehensive" immigration reform i.e. Amnesty, otherwise you are a “Racist.” Huckabee supports Cap and Trade. Huckabee does not understand the threat of Islam is to this country and basically takes a neutral stance when it comes to the Ground Zero Mosque. Huckabee gave out 1058 pardons and commutations for criminals in the Arkansas prison system. Huckabee supports Michelle Obama’s Big Government anti-obesity campaign. Huckabee supports raising taxes. Taxes increased 47% over all during his time as governor. State spending increased by 65.3%. The number of state workers in the government rose by 20%. The state’s general obligation debt shot up almost by $1 billion. He wants a sales tax on Internet goods. Huckabee did not support a filibuster on Elana Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court saying “Elections have consequences.” He feels Barack Obama should have all of his nominees confirmed.
What would you call a person who favors raising taxes, supports Amnesty for illegal immigrants, supports Cap and Trade, supports more Government intrusion in people’s lives, does not understand the threat of Islam, is soft on crime, and believes Obama’s nominees should be confirmed? Would you consider that person to be a Conservative or a RINO?

Zotta's Perspective said...

Ed Martin is the true conservative in the US Congressional race for the newly formed 2nd District in Missouri. Ed did the leg work when he ran against Russ Carnahan with a Conservative message for the Third Congressional District of Missouri in the 2010 election when no establishment Republican wanted to do so, because the Third Congressional District of Missouri favored the Democrats. In the end Ed came up a little short of votes to win the election. Where were the establishment Republicans? The establishment GOP did not run against the Incumbent Russ Carnahan. Why? Why did they not challenge Russ Carnahan or Dick Gephardt in the past? Was it because they never wanted to challenge the Democrats and the Status quo? Was it because it would have been a tough election? Was it because that was Dick Gephardt's District, and the Democrat/Statists owned and were entitled to that fiefdom.

Ed is now running in the newly formed 2nd, which favors the Republicans and his positions have not changed. The Republican Party does not need anymore establishment Republicans in office. It already has weak leadership in John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, who should step down and be replaced. This country is in dire straights and there is much work to be done to get America back on track. It starts with electing common sense conservatives like Ed Martin to be the people’s representatives.

dsm said...


I agree.

Gemey said...

All the establishment and RINO endorsements in the world do not a grassroots candidate make! Ambassador Wagner is an insider who has worked with every establishment candidate you could imagine. Holding a fundraiser for Dick Lugar, who will be facing a TEA Party candidate, while crafting a 'grassroots' campaign for the 2nd district run is the height of hypocrisy.

That she thinks she can pull it off speaks volumes of her attitude toward those of us who support TEA Party ideals of smaller government, less taxes and regulations and more freedom in 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'

Ed Martin was TEA Party before there even was a TEA Party! Think about that the next time you hear Ann Wagner use the term 'grassroots!'