Saturday, January 21, 2012

IL Republican Rodger Cook on the XL Pipeline

Roger Cook
Roger Cook
In response to President Obama's cancellation of the XL pipeline and the 20,000 American jobs that it would create, conservative Republican Rodger Cook sent out the following press release. Cook is running in Illinois's 12th Congressional District.

Cook to the President: “Stop putting politics before American jobs.”

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Belleville, IL….President Obama moved to block the Keystone XL Pipeline that would transport oil from tar sands in Canada to the US.  Underlying the Keystone Project are many political implications.  Rodger Cook, a candidate for the US House in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois, sees the project as a source of many much needed jobs in a struggling economy. 
“Once again President Obama and his administration have put politics ahead of what is best for this country and the American worker. Thousands of jobs and the opportunity to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil has been put aside to satisfy his left wing political base. Enough is enough!” replied Cook.  
Rodger Cook sees reviving the economy as a central issue in his campaign, and keeping the government from hindering job creation is important.  The US Chamber of Commerce determined that this project could create upwards of 250,000 jobs in the US.  Southwestern Illinois could benefit tremendously from similar projects related to coal mining.  Developing the mining industry in the Illinois 12th Congressional District, in addition to the Keystone Project, would help America become energy independent.  
Cook stated, “President Obama obviously has no interest in developing an energy independent America that does not rely on Middle Eastern oil.  We should be drilling and mining at home, and working closely with North American allies like Canada.”  
In addition to the economic and energy interests at stake, the Obama Administration’s decision to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline will have foreign policy implications.
“Stopping the Keystone Project affects job creation in our struggling economy, but it also has implications in foreign policy.  The last thing Americans want is for this oil to end up someplace like China, and this may hurt our ties with ally Canada,” said Cook. 
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