Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Texas: Romney Up for Prez, Cruz is Closing for Senate

Public Policy Polling: Romney, Dewhurst lead in Texas:
Rick Perry's Presidential campaign is doing about as bad in Texas now as it is everywhere else in the country. When PPP last polled the state in September he was at 49%, leading Mitt Romney by 39 points.  Now Perry's support has declined by 31 points, leaving him in 3rd place at 18%. Mitt Romney at 24% and Newt Gingrich at 23% lead the way with Rick Santorum at 15%, Ron Paul at 12%, and Buddy Roemer at 0% rounding out the field behind Perry.
What might be most shocking on this poll is that Romney edges Perry 46-45 if Republican voters had to pick just between the two of them. When we asked that identical question four months ago Perry led Romney 72-18.  There's been a 55 point shift in Romney's direction.
It's surprising to me that Romney beats Perry in his home state face-to-face. It's within the margin of error, though. The polling on the US Senate race in Texas is getting interesting, too. While there's still a sizable gap, Tea Party conservative Ted Cruz is closing in on his establishment adversary David Dewhurst:
Things are getting a little bit more interesting in the Republican primary for Senate. David Dewhurst still holds a large lead over Ted Cruz, but it's down from 29 points in September to now just 18. Dewhurst is at 36% to 18% for Cruz, 7% for Tom Leppert, 4% for Craig James, 2% for Joe Agris, 1% each for Glenn Addison and Lela Pittenger, and 0% for Charles Holcomb.
At this point, Cruz has to consolidate votes from the other conservatives while building his name recognition and whittling away at Dewhurst's establishment base. The primary is coming up fast. Texas votes on March 6th April 4th (see first comment below; more here), Super Tuesday, for both president and US Senate as well as other primary contests.


Lawrence Person said...

Actually, the Primary this year has been moved to April 4 due to the court battle over redistricting:


I've been following the Texas senate race fairly extensively, and you can find more information about it here:


dsm said...

@Lawrence Person

Thanks for letting me know about the date change for the election!