Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dick Lugar: A Wilsonian Internationalist funded by George Soros

On Thursday I got an email from Richard Mourdock's Indiana Senate campaign about Dick Lugar's ties to George Soros. Mourdock is calling on Lugar to return the $1000 contribution made in April of 1994 by the leftist financier:
Indianapolis, IN (January 12, 2012) Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, U.S. Senate Candidate in 2012 Republican Primary, called on Senator Dick Lugar to divest himself of a $1,000 campaign contribution from billionaire investor and leading financier of liberal causes George Soros.

“While true conservatives were fighting to regain control of Congress from the Democrats during the ‘Republican Revolution’ of 1994, Dick Lugar was taking campaign money from George Soros. Now that this has been brought to light, he should divest himself of this money with interest,” said Treasurer Mourdock.
Mourdock, the Tea Party candidate in Indiana's GOP primary, is trying to unseat 35 year incumbent Dick Lugar who doesn't even live in Indiana and hasn't since the Carter administration.

As I looked at a few other Indiana blogs tonight, I was surprised to also learn that Wendell Willkie's great-grandson, David W. Willkie, is working on Lugar's campaign. Apparently, Lugar is quite fond of international progressivism and one-world government. As Diana of Welcome to My Tea Party writes:
Willkie's great-grandson, David W. Willkie, heads Lugar's re-election efforts. A former Senate Foreign Relations staffer, Mr. David Willkie, like his great-grandfather and Senator Lugar, is a Wilsonian Internationalist. He is a very proud of his great-grandfather. 
If you subscribe to world government, Progressivism and prefer left-leaning Republicans, these facts may not be troubling. If you are a Constitutional conservative, loyal to the ideals of our founders, you might feel otherwise.
Wendell Willkie was one of several moderate Republican candidates for US President that conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly railed against in her 1964 book A Choice Not an Echo. Schlafly explained the tactics used by the mostly New York-based "kingmakers" to thwart conservative candidates and install cronies of big-business and Wall Street. In 2012, we're seeing something similar to what Schlafly warned against only this time, instead of the moneyed interests just vying for control of Republican Presidential candidates, we see the hands of the kingmakers in US House races like the one between Ed Martin and Enterprise Rent-a-Car Ann Wagner and Senate races like the one in Indiana.

Indiana has many thriving Tea Parties and they've done exactly what Phyllis Schlafly said needed to be done back in 1964: take over the Republican Party. That is evidenced by the fact that Mourdock has received the endorsements of over 70% of Indiana's GOP county chairmen and over 90 Tea Parties in the state--all but one. Mourdock needs money to win his May primary. If you want to help retire Dick Lugar, a Wilsonian internationalist funded by George Soros, then you should send a some money to Richard Moudock's campaign. I did.

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