Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Standing up for Keith Gladney *UPDATED*

A few days ago I noticed that Bob McCarty was getting to the bottom of the Keith Gladney firing. Keith is the brother of Kenneth Gladney, and Kenneth is the guy who was pushed to the ground and beaten at Russ Carnahan's Forum on Aging by a couple of Purple People Beaters. Anyway, here's what Bob McCarty writes:
Less than 48 hours before Christmas, Keith Gladney was fired from his job as a St. Louis County (Mo.) Animal Control Officer, according to a article published the same day. Why is his firing important? Because, as you’ll see in reviewing the points noted below, integrity of government is at stake
Bob made a sunshine request as part of his investigation and is now waiting for the results of that request.

As he concluded his Forum on Aging, Russ Carnahan "promised" to hold a townhall on manners (skip to about 5:55 in that video). Clearly, the people in Keith's chain-of-command should be sent to that Carnahan Courtesy Class. We find out who some of those people are when asks the obvious question: "Is Saint Louis County Retaliating Against The Gladney Family?":
Just one month ago, Keith spoke to KMOX reporter Kevin Killeen about the delay by the county in approaching his brother's case. Was this a clear case of retaliatory, Chicago-style politics?
The circumstances are very fishy. Gladney's supervisor was not there, but instead a South County Supervisor was brought in. The termination charges were never communicated to Mr. Gladney when they supposedly occurred, and the manner in which he was fired, and the reasons behind it would make many an employment lawyer clap their hands in glee.
Here's the KMOX report just mentioned: Charges filed in Carnahan health care forum fight (annoying audio after the jump):
His brother Keith, who has been acting as his spokesman, told KMOX the charges "should have been more serious." Keith Gladney also claims investigators failed to contact his brother Kenneth or interview the witnesses to his alleged beating during the three month investigation.
In early December, I joined several other St. Louis area conservatives on a visit to County Counselor Patricia Redington's office. We were there to express our concern that the charges brought against Kenneth Gladney's assailants did not measure up to the crimes perpetrated against him. I believe that our visit was unrelated to Keith Gladney's firing... I just wish I was certain of that.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit notes that has setup a trust to help the Gladney brothers meet short term expenses. Both are currently looking for work, so, if you have a job opportunity, please email and put "Gladney job" in the subject line.

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Bob McCarty Writes said...

Darin -- Yesterday, I received e-mail confirmation from Dr. Gunn's assistant at the StL County Dept of Health that the information I requested was being mailed. Details in the update at the end of this post. More to come.