Saturday, December 26, 2009

Al Franken, Sovereign Immunity, and Healthcare has noticed that Al Franken (D-MN) has wornout his welcome and started "to show the sharp-tongued side of his personality by ripping into GOP staffers behind the scenes." Franken's a little man on a vendetta against the opposition's underlings. Whatever.

I found other revelations of in that article more interesting. Franken believes (as do I) that victims of rape or sexual assault should be able to sue in court. He introduced a measure that would require defense contractors to recognize that:
[Franken's anti-rape] measure barred the government from doing business with contractors
that required employees to settle rape and sexual assault charges through arbitration instead of the courts.
Followers of this blog are aware that I want congress to waive sovereign immunity in the healthcare bill. My reasoning is the same as Franken's: someone denied coverage by a government bureaucracy should have the opportunity to argue their case in a court of law. This need is underscored by the fact that Medicare denies claims at a higher rate than do insurance companies. Will Franken push to waive sovereign immunity or will he condemn us all to a world of death panel arbitration?

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