Monday, December 14, 2009

St Louis Holiday Tea Party: Full Video

St Louis "Letting Off Steam" Tea Party

On November 28th, conservative St. Louis activists held their "Letting Off Steam" Tea Party at Kiener Plaza. Saturday's rally featured numerous speakers who exhorted the crowd to continue the fight against big government, federally imposed healthcare, a raft of unaccountable czars, bailouts, and a Washington-created cap and tax scheme to benefit Wall St paper shufflers. The speakers praised states rights (10th amendment), liberty, and freedom encouraging attendees to take a more active role in their communities.

The playlist above includes the following seventeen videos:
  • Bill Hennessy led the pledge and offered the invocation at Saturday's rally
  • Laura Alter sang the National Anthem
  • Mike Carey of the American Council of Affordable and Reliable Energy spoke about the dangers of cap and trade and the importance of energy independence
  • Tina Ann read a poem that show wrote celebrating the Tea Party movement
  • Critical care nurse Stephanie Rubach (2nd video) spoke about the dangers the pending healthcare legislation
  • David McArthur of McArthur's Bakery spoke about our broken system of government in Washington
  • Bill Hennessy and Lyda Loudon talk about the Tea Party Youth
  • Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, spoke about healthcare reform, cap and tax, various czar controversies, foreign relations, and the importance of continuing the fight for freedom and liberty
  • Jay Stewart (2nd video) wowed the crowd in his debut Tea Party speech hitting on all the issues: economics, capitalism, states rights, liberty, healthcare, cap & trade, and American exceptionalism
  • Marty Martinez warned us about creeping socialism with remarks about his time in communist Cuba
  • Dr. Gina Loudon (2nd video) talked about the accomplishments of the Tea Party and her own effort leading the Whole Foods buycott (more of my buycott reporting)
  • Dana Loesch (2nd video) addressed the importance of America and our unique role fighting for the advance of liberty (incorporates footage from KHorton. This is 4:3, not my usual 16:9. Color is way off between the two cameras and audio is out sync in my clips--sorry. )
  • James O'Keefe spoke to the Tea Party crowd about the importance of citizen journalism (incorporates footage from Rob Brenner)

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