Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Revisiting Russ Carnahan's Forum on Aging

"Stage Right" at Big Government continues their expose on the Kenneth Gladney beating:
So, how did McCulloch do in executing his duties in the Gladney case? McCulloch handed the case over to county counselor Patricia Redington and washed his hands from that point on. It is interesting that McCulloch moved so quickly in using intimidation tactics by wielding the power of his office and the threat of legal ramifications for any negative advertising that may have suggested that candidate Obama might not actually lower taxes on everyone making $250,000 per year (have you gotten your tax cut yet?) but he passed the buck when it came to this case.
I sorta attended the Russ Carnahan townhall where Kenneth was assaulted. It would be more accurate to say "my cameras were there." Thanks go to Patch for running those cameras. Looking back through my posts, I don't think that I ever posted the playlist for that townhall—it's been on YouTube since August 8th, I just can't find a post with the complete coverage. Here it is (WARNING: this was in a school gym so it sounds like bedlam at times):

If you watch only one clip, go to the last video in the playlist and skip ahead to about 5:55. You'll get to hear Russ Carnahan say: "...and those of you who aren't serious, I'm going to invite you to our next townhall on manners." No word on when that one's scheduled.

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