Thursday, July 9, 2009

Show Us the Healthcare Bill

There's a rally in Clayton's Memorial Park this Saturday, July 11th, at 10AM. Memorial Park is the stretch of Carondelet Av between Meremac and S. Central. Google maps might believe that it's a road, but Google street view shows that it's a park. GatewayPundit has some good questions. Here are the questions I'd like to have answered:
  1. Will Medicare be reformed first?
  2. What service level agreement is specified in the bill? Does it guarantee wait times under, say, a month for a routine visit? What about specialists?
  3. Does it wave sovereign immunity so that the government may be sued?
  4. Does it extend the right, reserved to the states or the people, of a civil trial by jury or does it impose new administrative law with it's own judicial system?
  5. Does it prioritize healthcare services such that members of Congress and their families are served last?
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