Friday, July 31, 2009

Interview with Ed Martin Part 1

After I received the press release Wednesday announcing that Ed Martin had formed an exploratory committee for a Congressional bid, I emailed him to see if we could setup an interview. Ed invited me over Thursday, so I took my girls to his south city office in the afternoon and shot about 35 minutes of video. It surely seemed like a lot more since there was a mid-interview diaper change and bottle for my little one.

I'll be cutting several videos from this interview, so check back. In this first video, Ed talks about his motivation for running and talks to my question about waiving sovereign immunity for the government option in the proposed healthcare reform. I've blogged about that in a couple places. I don't think he really answers the question; but, I agree with his assessment that it's a pretty technical topic. Future video segments will include discussion of the Tea Party movement, government transparency, Ed's "Ask Ed" campaign, and term limits.


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