Friday, July 10, 2009

McArthur's Bakery *UPDATED*

During my first visit to McArthur's Bakery, I got some pastries that the family—including the six month old—really enjoyed. Today, I stopped by McArthur's to pickup some donuts for the weekend. They're excellent, too.

Thursday night, I noticed that the McArthur's story had gone national. I stayed up late to cut a seven minute version and the result is above. This one includes the video of their sign and the one minute bit about profit margins I posted earlier. There are some rough numbers about headcount, cost of materials, and health insurance. Randy and Dave fault the rise in fuel prices for driving up commodities and eroding their margins over the past couple years. They attribute the increase in the price of oil in part to speculation in the commodities market. I don't like the speculation argument and a year ago I would've dismissed it; however, the financial meltdown has raised a few questions for me. Watch the video to find out why they took down the sign!

In the video above are David McArthur (yellow shirt), Ed Martin (suit), Randy McArthur (dark shirt), Dana Loesch (off camera), Tyler Holman (off camera), and myself (off camera). If you have not already seen it, I also recommend watching Randy McArthur speak at the Independence Day Tea Party below:


I got to talk with David McArthur at the rally. Here are the two videos I shot with him:

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