Monday, July 13, 2009

Final Cut of Saturday's Patients First/ Rally

Approximately 450 opponents of Obama's healthcare reform gathered in Clayton Missouri's Memorial Park to get to know one-another, sign petitions, and listen to healthcare experts outline the failings of Obamacare and praise free market economics. The event was sponsored by Patients First, Americans for Prosperity, and Several bloggers were in attendance including two presenters: Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, and Stephanie Rubach of St. Louis Urban Spice. A picture of Stephanie was picked up by Instapundit.

If you'd rather watch in 720p, follow the links below. These will be slower than navigating through the playlist above, but the image quality will be a little better:
  • video 1: Carl Bearden kick's off the program and Lyda Loudon sings our National Anthem to dispels the rain showers
  • video 2 and 3: The Gateway Pundit rails against the failures of the Obama Administration and Obamacare
  • video 4: Carl Bearden introduces his daughter and granddaughter
  • video 5 and 6: Dr. Randy Tobler talks about the doctor's perspective
  • video 7: St Louis Urban Spice, Stephanie Rubach, provides the perspective of a Registered Nurse
  • video 8 and 9: Ed Martin rallies the crowd against more federal intervention
  • video 10: Fred Sauer gets into the details of healthcare reform
  • video 11: Carl Bearden closes with a call to action, literally
I interviewed Dr. Randy Tobler after the event. It's a good interview; however, I missed an important question. I wanted to hear someone at the rally talk about sovereign immunity, but no one did directly. Sovereign immunity is the legal concept that protects the government from being sued. It acts as a shield for bureaucratic mistakes and incompetence. Any Obamacare bill that does NOT wave sovereign immunity is a non-starter for me because it would guarantee that our new federal health insurance could never be held to account.

Local cap and tax hero David McArthur was at Saturday's event. I caught up with him after the rally. I've added two new videos in the update at the end of my McArthur's Bakery coverage. What I found really interesting about his comments in the last video at that link were how the story seems to have gone viral over CB radio among truckers. America's truckers face a huge tax increase if cap and tax goes through and many have decided to vote with their dollars at McArthur's Bakery. They make great donuts and pastries, so I'm sure I'll be trying their other baked goods soon!

Update: You can look around and zoom in on this panoramic photo of the rally. Thanks to Jim Trotter!

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