Tuesday, July 28, 2009

McCaskill's Question Session *UPDATED*

More to follow...

I've been pretty busy. I've got lots of video that needs to be blogged:
  • the American Majority Activist Training from last Friday
  • video of the Alton Tea Party
  • report on McCaskill's Tea Party (that's what this is)
Today was a day away from the web. I took the girls to the St Louis Science Center. It's always a popular destination. Now, about Monday night...

Time for Dana to learn about the Saint Louis Way: you post a picture of me with a goofy look on my face, I post one of you (with ubber-blogger Jim Hoft on the right):

I at least have the decency to post a good picture of you too.... or, I'll pretend it's decency even if Smitty runs it in his tawdry Rule 5 Sunday post.

And here's Michelle of ATraditionalLifeLived.com setup to live stream the McCaskill Tea Party before the room change. Great work getting the video out first! And second ;-)

I've got a few more photos, but those are the best. I added another shot to my burgeoning collection of bad Jim Durbin (24thState.com) shots. If someone ever gets a hold of that collection, Durbin will have to move to the other side of a mountain range to find work. I've noticed this with other people as well—there are some people that I can never get a decent picture of.

Patch Adams of POedPatriot.blogspot.com was awesome. He's kind of an unsung hero. He loaned me his tripod for the event. When it was clear that Michelle Sherod (Claire McCaskill's Regional Director) was not going to make it through the remaining speakers—it wasn't really Michelle's fault, she had agreed to an hour and gone beyond that—Patch worked with Bill Hennessy of StLouisTeaParty.com and Carl Bearden of Americans for Prosperity to video the remaining questions.

SharpElbowsStL.blogspot.com got some great lefty-at-a-Tea Party interviews. Make sure you watch his interview with a defender of the disenfranchised arguing that "gas should be much more expensive." Yeah, poor people don't pay enough for milk and eggs either. Let's raise the tax on those! Oh, wait, that's exactly what will happen when someone decides to move the milk and eggs from the farm to the grocery store with a gas or diesel powered vehicle.

The GatewayPundit has graciously deigned to allow us all to bask in his linked glory.

If you still don't "get" the Tea Party movement... if you don't understand what it's about, go listen to We The People's interview with Paul Curtman. He was the marine who spoke so eloquently and directly at the McCaskill Tea Party (he's at 6:20 in video "04" of the playlist at the top of this post). He's a Tea Partier through-n-through.


Anonymous said...

This is the most incredible video I've seen in a long time. The people of MO are hoppin' mad, and Clare McCaskill wasn't about to show up to face them!

commoncents said...

Awesome post!! Keep up the excellent work!

ps. Link Exchange?

dsm said...

I updated the post with pictures, background on Monday's events, and playful banter with the other Tea Partiers.

@commoncents I've added you to my blogroll.

Jim Durbin said...

Good luck ever getting a good shot of me. I'm just not that photogenic.

Lucky for me, I dazzle in person.