Friday, March 9, 2012

Video: Economic Freedom is Helping Joplin Rebuild Rebuilding Joplin:
Daniel J. Smith, economics professor at Troy University, studied the rebuilding of Joplin, Missouri in the months following the tornado. Watch as Professor Smith discusses how economic freedom can help areas recover from natural disasters.
“I think one of the key factors in the recovery process in Joplin, from the tornado, is that the government officials allowed the community to start rebuilding itself. I think Joplin is a great example of the power of people—free people—coming together and both using profit motive, in the businesses, using religious reasons for faith-based organizations, and just concern for your fellow man, in the community-based organizations, to rebuild a disaster stricken community.” – Daniel J. Smith

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Anngie said...

It will be interesting to see a comparison now of what is done in KY and IN after the damage they sustained. I hope these guys do a follow up.