Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jay Nixon's Pay to Play Patronage Scheme

Gateway Pundit: Awful!… Democrook Governor Jay Nixon Awards $1.1 Billion Contract to HMO After They Contribute $66,500 to His Campaign:
Missouri Democrat Governor Jay Nixon awarded a $1.1 billion contract to a subsidiary of Centene after the company gave $66,500 to his reelection campaign.
The original story comes from Political Mommentary which goes on to note:
Molina Healthcare of Missouri has asked Nixon’s Office of Administration to reconsider its decision. More than 80,000 Missourians are currently enrolled in Molina’s healthcare plan with 13,000 providers  and 25,000 locations established over 16 years of work in Missouri. Centene will replace the company in providing these services without an existing network.
Now, the board of directors for Molina Healthcare of Missouri includes one Ronna Romney. Ronna is the ex-wife of George Romney--presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's brother. She penned a heart-felt defense of Mitt's pro-life bona fides, so it's safe to say that she supports Republican policies as well as Mitt Romney for president. Jay Nixon's $1.1 billion award to Centene serves two purposes. First, it's tax-payer subsidized patronage to one of his donors, and, second, he is stiffing the incumbent provider, Molina Healthcare, in part because of their ties to the Republican party.

That's how centrally planned crony capitalism works.

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