Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos: Reservoir Park Spray Painted by Occupy Protesters

After fifteen arrests last week, Occupy St. Louis returned to St. Louis's Compton Hill Reservoir Park with spray paint. They spray painted public buildings and monuments with profanities and slogans.


freespeak said...

Not patrolled afterwards?!!!

This quote:

“I frankly don’t know who is doing it,” member Susie Chasnoff said, “but clearly it is an attempt to express anger and frustration. It speaks to frustration that people feel over a hopeless situation with the police.”

Shows me COMPLIANCE as a SYMPATHIZER if not personally involved.

It shows me rot within the city government, and city influence riddled with Black Panthers and has

been noted before!

It should have been condemned!

freespeak said...

the link to quote:

ted e. said...

Thank you for the great pictures. I have been covering this on the STL County GOP Blog: