Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jason Plummer Attacks the Family PAC

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Conservative group demands apology over `endorsements-for-cash' allegation:
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. • The head of a leading conservative issues group is demanding a public apology from Illinois Republican congressional candidate Jason Plummer by noon Wednesday, over Plummer’s allegation that the group gives endorsements for cash.
Paul Caprio, head of FamilyPAC, an Illinois-based issues group, is implying he will sue if he doesn’t get the apology by the Wednesday deadline. “If (Plummer) does not make a full public apology, I have instructed my attorney to take appropriate action,” Caprio told the Post-Dispatch today.
Plummer has now resorted to wild attacks against one of the most conservative, grassroots groups in Illinois: Family PAC. Primary voters in Illinois's 12th Congressional District should note the rash invective that is Plummer's stock and trade. This sort of arrogance may also be why Jason Plummer has refused to release his income tax filings.

There's a conservative with a proven track record running in IL-12: Rodger Cook. Please vote for him next Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Jason Plummer is too young, wet behind the ears, silver-spoon fed. He's nothing.