Monday, March 19, 2012

The Rodger Cook Video Roundup

This is a collection of short videos of Rodger Cook, a GOP candidate running in Illinois's 12th Congressional District. In each video, Rodger explains a little bit about himself, his experience, or one of his policy positions. Watch them all above or follow one of the links below:
  1. Rodger Cook will defend your 2nd Amendment gun rights
  2. Rodger Cook takes a stand for Illinois's 12 Congressional District
  3. Rodger Cook on transparency in government
  4. Rodger Cook talks about taxes
  5. Rodger Cook on jobs and taxes
  6. Rodger Cook on fiscal responsibility and budgets
  7. Rodger Cook delivers on his promises
  8. Rodger Cook on the importance of national security
  9. Rodger Cook on healthcare and regulation
  10. Rodger Cook is NOT a career politician
  11. Rodger Cook has deep roots in Illinoi's 12 Congressional District
  12. Introducing Rodger Cook

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