Friday, March 23, 2012

Cartoon: Dick Lugar's Wake-up Call

Senator Lugar's Wake-up Call
In addition to the endorsement yesterday that Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) surely did not want from retired Republican turned Democrat Arlen Specter (Turncoat-PA), Indiana's senior senator has been struggling with a few other issues. Because he doesn't actually live in the state he represents, he has to stay in hotels when he travels back to Indiana. Apparently, some of his trips back to Indiana were for campaign purposes and should not have been billed to the tax payer.

While Lugar is bemoaning his most recent endorsement, his opponent in the GOP primary, Richard Moudock, has added two significant endorsements recently. Earlier this month, the National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed Mourdock and earlier this week the Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee also endorsed Mourdock. But the real muscle is being provided by the Club for Growth which may spend as much as $1.8 million to help Mourdock win the GOP primary.

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