Sunday, December 11, 2011

Washington DC's Problem: No one Trusts Government

Survey after survey in recent months has shown an alarming decline in public confidence in the nation's chief federal institutions, as well as a deepening pessimism about America's future. Congressional approval is at an all-time low of 13 percent, according to the Gallup Poll, and three-quarters of the public wouldn't re-elect most members of Congress. There is cold comfort in the numbers for President Obama. Barely 41 percent of the public approves of his job performance, according to Gallup. Most worrisome is the fact that a majority of Americans, 52 percent, told pollster Scott Rasmussen this week that they believe the country's best days are behind it, the first time a majority has so responded.

While I'm not surprised at these results, it is disappointing. Read the whole article which examines some of the reasons why Americans no longer trust Washington.


freespeak said...

Isn't the distrust part of the progressive plan?

tom beebe said...

Our number one problem is corruption. What else has destroyed so many governments than loss of the respect of the governed?

dsm said...

@patriotsoul, I think so.

@tom_beebe, There are so many problems that are red-lining right now that I can't decide which one is number one. Corruption is obviously a big one. Congressional insider trading clearly illustrates that.