Monday, December 12, 2011

After Party: A Return to the Beginning

Earlier today, Lisa Payne-Naeger's article at reminded me of my first interview with Bill Hennessy and the need for introspection, the need to return to first principals. That interview is above. I shot it several days before the first Tax Day Tea Party in 2009.

Bill has written extensively about the After Party. It represents a transformation in the Tea Party movement. It's a move away from public protests and speeches. It's an effort to activate our neighborhoods. I'm sure there will still be rallies as the 2012 election approaches, but there's also a need to knock on doors for candidates , there's a need to caucus and/or vote in primaries, and there's a need for basic, civil discourse with our neighbors. After Partiers drive those activities by fostering relationships with their neighbors and reminding them to get out and participate.

The St. Louis Tea Party's next After Party is coming up. It's our Christmas Party and I've contacted several politicians and candidates and asked them to stop by. No speeches. Just time to mingle one-on-one. I hope to see you there on Thursday, 12/15, at 7PM. We're meeting at the Holiday Inn South; 4234 Butler Hill; Oakville, MO.


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