Friday, December 9, 2011

Voice your Support for Conservatism

RedState: The Most Important Fight For Conservatives in America:

Well, it was going to happen in January. But conservatives started gaining momentum. Naturally, Mitch McConnell had to go try to pull the rug out from under conservatives. Far be it for fresh ideas to enter into the hallowed corridors of Senate Republican power.
I’m talking about the Senate Republicans’ leadership fight for Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference. There is an election to fill that seat.
The election was to be held in January. The only declared candidate was Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin (HAFA Score 91%). But then Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri (HAFA Score 64%) announced this week he wanted the job too. Immediately after announcing his entry, Senator Mitch McConnell moved the election up from January to next week and began whipping votes on behalf of Senator Roy Blunt. [UPDATE: A McConnell staffer tells me Senator McConnell is not whipping for Senator Blunt. Actual senators tell me McConnell is whipping for Senator Blunt.]

Roy Blunt did a wonderful job beating Robin Carnahan, but there's a more conservative candidate in this race. Here's a list of Senators. Find yours and click on them to get a page with their phone number. Call and ask them to vote for that more conservative candidate: Ron Johnson.

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