Friday, December 30, 2011

I Just Donated to Richard Mourdock; You Should Too!

I just donated to Richard Mourdock's US Senate campaign. Mourdock is the Tea Party candidate who's challenging Washington insider Dick Lugar (R-IN) for the opportunity to represent the Hoosier state.* The fundraising quarter concludes as the new year begins, so Saturday will be your last opportunity to donate this quarter. Mourdock is running a "100 Donor Challenge" which will optionally post your Facebook picture on his challenge page (as seen above).

There are many reasons to support Mourdock. On policy issues, he clearly stands to the right of Lugar on Supreme Court nominees, the 2nd Amendment, illegal immigration, Obamacare, life issues, bailouts, earmarks, and term limits. That is why Obama has many reasons to call Dick Lugar his favorite RepublicanMourdock also has a litany of conservative endorsements: Citizens United, Eagle Forum, Erick Erickson, FreedomWorks, Gun Owners of America, Herman Cain, Mark Levin, and on and on. Earlier this week, I blogged about Mourdock's grassroots support.

But to donate to a candidate in another state you need more than those things.

My impetus to contribute to Mourdock's campaign came Wednesday night when I learned that Dick Lugar has NOT resided in Indiana for decades (see returned mail at right). Lugar, the senior Senator from the Hoosier state, uses the address of a home where he used to live for his voter registration, car registration, driver's license, etc. He acknowledges that he stays in hotels when he visits the state he represents. For a US Senator to not reside--or at least rent an apartment--in the state that he represents is the epitome of aloof elitism.

That's what drove me to donate to Richard Mourdock's campaign. I hope you will too!

* In addition to Mourdock, I've also given to Martin Baker who's running in Missouri's 1st Congressional District and Ed Martin who's running in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District.

Richard Mourdock


M Theory said...

I am an Indy based blogger. Evidence has been sent to us that Lugar is voting absentee from an address he does not own nor has resided at since 1978.

So far, our local media will not touch the story, although they have the evidence collected so far by a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Google "lugar voter fraud"

In addition our Secretary of State is being prosecuted for voting at an address where he did not reside and it is all over the media.

All we ask is that the law be applied equally to all citizens (and politicians)

dsm said...

@Hoosiers for Fair Tax,

I saw those accusations the other day and I do think that there may be something to them. The problem is that they just sound really shrill. How can we convince readers and voters that Lugar is out of touch, that he's abandoned Indiana if we sound shrill? I'm still thinking about how to broach that one.

M Theory said...

I think the only way the story will get legs is in the national media.

NY Times

LA Times

Washington Post

We send the info to the local media, but so far they aren't touching.

It could take a while to bake.

Indianapolis Business Journal covered it, but then pulled the story off the internet.

dsm said...

You want the Wall Street Journal. You want John Fund.