Friday, April 8, 2011

The Winning Gambit

Missouri News Horizon reports that the four horsemen of the Dem-apocalypse have lanced their prey: Senate leaders offer $250 million in stimulus cuts in exchange for unemployment extension : Missouri News Horizon:
A $105 million extension of federal unemployment benefits was allowed to move forward in the Missouri Legislature on Thursday after four filibustering Senators won concessions for major cuts to federal spending and state unemployment.

A compromise within the Senate GOP brought an end to a month-long effort by four senators protesting what they see as wasteful spending in Washington, D.C.
As I commented earlier this week: a trade of Unemployment Benefits for Political Pork seemed workable:
This seems like a reasonable compromise: the Missouri four give up their filibuster of unemployment benefits and Gov Nixon gives up the pork laden HB18. The unemployment benefits will go to people who are confronting immediate financial needs while HB 18 appears to earmark stimulus funding for dubious projects and special interests. The former ameliorates hardship across the state while the latter lines the pockets of Democrat constituencies. The first is equitable while the second completes the circle of crony capitalism—the very life blood of the Democrat Party.
Those four state senators deserve our praise for holding the line on fiscal responsibility. They are Jim Lembke, Brian Nieves, Will Krause, and Rob Schaaf.

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