Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Election Night Watch Party Photos

I took the photos above at a couple of watch parties in the St. Louis area Tuesday evening. Turnout in the region was light as it typically is for April elections. The evenings results were disappointing.

Jesse Irwin, the Republican candidate for Alderman in St. Louis's 10th Ward, lost by 39%. Prop E, which would have repealed St. Louis's earnings tax had it been voted down, passed with a whopping 75% margin. Apparently, the citizens of St. Louis enjoy taxing people who come to the city to work while denying those workers any representation within city government.

Results in St. Louis county weren't any better. Chip Wood lost the Assessor's race to Jake Zimmerman by 27%. Rick Gans lost by 7% to the union backed Steven Swyer in the race for the Monarch Fire District Director. Mike Geller was running for one of three seats on the Rockwood School Board. He finished fourth, missing a seat on the board by less than 300 votes (about 1%).


Unknown said...

Possibly the conservative areas could try to break away and form a new county. yeah I know, I'm dreaming. I live in St Peters/St. Charles county n I'm disabled so taxes are not that big on me but I'm still a Conservative and vote down or out socialist leaning items. I wish St. Louis better times.

Unknown said...

The fiscal conservative candidate for the Kirkwood School District Steve Hazan lost by 50 votes. I was tallying voter turnout throughout the day at 20 different polling places. I don't think we ever got above 20% - what a shame.

Jeff in Ferguson said...

I'm saddened to see Mr. Wood lose the assessor race, and hopefully Zimmerman will be such an obvious Dooley stooge that next election will be different - BUT - I think the race was lost when it was disclosed (leaked, lied about???) that Mr. Wood had not paid his own taxes. How ridiculous does that look to independents who are looking for quality candidates? Tea Partiers or conservatives need to really scrutinize any candidate we are putting forward or else the dirt will sully the Tea Party reputation as well as the offending individual. Bill - Spread the Word - Integrity is where candidates have to START!!!