Friday, April 8, 2011

Are These Our Values? is a nation-wide network of black Americans working to bring conservative principals to the African American community. The video above poses the question: "Are these our values?" and contrasts the statements of prominent blacks with the traditional values of most black Americans. From the YouTube discription:
This is the first in a series of videos based on's founding principles:
  • Renewing our Economy - Our goal is to empower the African American people by expanding employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Health Care Reform - Health care is a personal issue, and informed individuals can make better decisions about their own care than government.
  • Securing our Borders - We need to gain control of our borders and enforce our immigration laws while encouraging legal immigrants who come seeking the American Dream.
  • Education - Education, while a national priority, is a local responsibility. We believe that parents, teachers, and local school boards are the key to true education reform -- not big government. We support school choice initiatives such as vouchers, charters schools and homeschooling.
  • Strengthening our Families - We uphold and respect traditional institutions such as marriage between a man and a woman. We are committed to protecting the life of innocents from conception through the infirmities of age. This value must be nurtured in both our culture and our laws.
Our mission is simple: We will connect the 10% of Black Americans who are voting conservatives, and together we will increase our numbers to affect positive, life affirming outcomes in the Black Community and our nation at large.

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