Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Insult the Prophet

The Daily Mail has posted video of the stoning death of 19 year old Siddqa and her alleged lover Khyyam (h/t Atlas Shrugs). I've embedded the video below. It's graphic. Here's how the Daily Mail reported the story:
TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: 'Anyone who knows about Islam knows that stoning is in the Koran, and that it is Islamic law. There are people who call it inhuman - but in doing so they insult the Prophet. They want to bring foreign thinking to this country'
Horrific video footage has emerged of Taliban insurgents stoning a couple to death for alleged adultery in northern Afghanistan.

Hundreds of villagers can be seen on the video standing around as the woman, Siddqa, is buried up to her waist in a four foot hole in the ground.

Two mullahs pass sentence before the crowd begins to throw rocks at her head and body as she desperately tries to crawl free.
I don't know what to say. The barbarism of the Taliban has not yet been eradicated.

WARNING: Graphic

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Anonymous said...

Ever since I saw the stoning of a teenage girl, I cannot ever watch something like this again.
This could be sent to local news.