Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nothing Sacred - Dennis Prager - National Review Online

In National Review, Dennis Prager writes that nothing's sacred to the left:
That is why we must to treat the Constitution as a sacred text. Because the bottom line is this: If it is not regarded as sacred, it is nothing more than what anyone believes about any social issue. Which is precisely what the Left wants it to be — providing, of course, that the “anyone” is a liberal.
For the Left, there are no sacred texts. There are only sacred (liberal) feelings.
I found that ending disappointing. It seems as though Prager is unfamiliar with the work of Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and The Profane. In that book, Eliade develops the idea of the dichotomy of that which is sacred, like the Bible and the Constitution in Prager's post, and everything else. The sacred contrasts with the profane: the not-sacred stuff in the world, or what we would typically call common or everyday things. I think Prager should strike his last sentence and replace it with: "There is only the profane."

In discarding religion, the left discards the sacred and they are left with nothing but the profane.

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