Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CINO = Conservative In Name Only?

Brooks Bayne of The Graph on Speaker Boehner’s Endorsement Of Maria Cino For RNC Chair:
I look at Boehner’s endorsement of Cino for RNC chair with disdain. Why? It’s been reported that Cino worked as an Obamacare lobbyist for Pfizer. When I sent an email to the Teapartiers listserv about Boehner’s endorsement, people weren’t thrilled. “I’m beyond disappointed. Are they wanting to change direction or not? This sure as hell isn’t doing it,” one responder said.

Would any Teapartier want someone in GOP leadership who lobbied for a law that contains the individual mandate, additional spending, and more government control? No. Even though some of us Teapartiers aren’t registered Republicans, we realize that the GOP is one of the vehicles America currently has to fight the spread of leftism. And until such time that the Tea Party decides to do it’s own thing, we’ll continue to speak up and hold Republicans accountable when they get too cozy with spending, growing government, or deviating from America’s First Principles.

CINO = Conservative In Name Only? You decide. Speaker Boehner, what say you?
Missouri's own Ann Wagner is also in the running for RNC chair. Multiple ballots are cast until a candidate has a majority of the 168 votes to be had in the election, so it's an insiders game.

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