Sunday, January 23, 2011

There are Death Panels!

I'm still shocked. The Boston Globe reports on the reality of death panels:
SUPPORTERS OF President Obama’s health care reform law have relentlessly derided Sarah Palin’s notion of “death panels’’ as a vulgar rhetorical technique, with no basis in reality, devised merely to scare a gullible, uneducated citizenry into rallying to repeal the law....
That sort of hemming and hawing carries on for ten paragraphs until we finally get to the lead:
But... Palin is right. Death panels are an inevitable consequence of socialized medicine. The law of scarcity demands them.
Will Lindsay Beyerstein reconsider her ill-planned post about Sarah Palin, blood-libel, and death panels in which she writes: "Death panels were a complete fabrication, of course."

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Margaret said...

She radically changed the column before she could drink her morning coffee.