Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rodger Cook Draws Local Support in IL-12

Roger Cook
Roger Cook
Rodger Cook's campaign for Congress over in IL-12 sent out the following press release highlighting his roots in the district and especially his local financial support. Some key quotes:
Cook raised more money from voters in the district than the other GOP candidates combined, garnering 57% of all individual contributions from IL-12. 
“Residents of the 12th Congressional District want a candidate who has loved living here and isn’t a political opportunist. They want someone who has a lifetime of commitment to the area,” said Cook. “I’ve lived and worked in the 12th district all of my life, growing up here, working here, raising a family here, and serving as a police officer and Mayor of Belleville.” 
According to the FEC reports, failed Lt. Gubernatorial [candidate] Jason Plummer, who recently moved into the district and signed a 6-month lease, raised nearly 90 percent from outsiders. In contrast, Cook’s in-district funds constitute 85 percent of his total individual contributions. Cook raised $16,700 from constituents, while Plummer only raised $12,450 from constituents.
While carpetbagger Plummer is raising money from outside interests, Cook is building a network of supporters based on his lifetime commitment and public service in Illinois's 12th Congressional District.

Full press release:

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