Monday, February 27, 2012

Jessica Ehrlich to Run Against Bill Young in Florida

Roll Call: Florida: Democrat to Announce Against Bill Young Today:
Former Congressional aide and attorney Jessica Ehrlich (D) will announce a bid for Congress today against 21-term Rep. Bill Young (R) in Florida’s newly numbered 13th Congressional district. 
“It’s time for Washington to stop its petty arguing and get down to the serious business of creating jobs, investing in our future, and improving the lives of all Americans,” Ehrlich said in a statement. “Bill Young has represented Pinellas County honorably and admirably, but over his more than 40 years in Congress, he’s changed. Representative Young has lost touch with our values and our priorities and has become a symbol of what’s wrong with Washington.” 
But Ehrlich, who has worked for former Rep. Clay Shaw (R-Fla.) and Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), will have a steep and rocky road to unseating Young, who was first elected to Congress in 1970.
Bill Young has been representing Florida in the US House of Representatives since 1970--almost 42 years. The total accumulated debt of the United States when Young entered Congress was less than $392 billion. Today, it's nearly 42 times that at a whopping $15.4 trillion according to the US Debt Clock. With respect to the debt problem, Bill Young does not appear to be the solution.

Update: Corrected the total debt when Young began his Congressional career.

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