Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Legal Insurrection Endorses Mourdock in Indiana Senate Race

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Retire Richard Lugar, Elect Richard Mourdock:
Not surprisingly, Lugar is using scare tactics, claiming the seat will be lost to Democrats if Lugar is not the nominee.  That’s nonsense. 
Indiana is a solid Republican state, and it was a historical fluke that it voted for Obama in 2008.  The likely Democratic nominee, Congressman Joe Donnelly, is a weak candidate who only is running for Senate because he was redistricted.  In my conversation with Mourdock, Mourdock pointed out that in the last election, when Mourdock was running for State Treasurer, Mourdock received more votes in Donnelly’s district than Donnelly received.
Richard Mourdock represents a real opportunity to move Indiana to the right in the US Senate. Mourdock has the boots on the ground as a press release the other day indicated. Among precinct committeemen in Indiana's Delaware and Henry Counties, Mourdock polled 88% to Lugar's 12%. While he doesn't have the funding that Lugar has, Mourdock does understand that the precinct committeeman is the most powerful office in the country.

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