Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Randy Jotte Takes Exception to Ann Wagner's Press Release

Dr. Randy Jotte is running for Congress in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District against Ann Wagner. His campaign issued a press release in response to an Ann Wagner press release both of which appear in full below (h/t: MOScout, subscription required). Jotte, took exception to this line in the Wagner release:
ANN is running for the Todd Akin open-seat and has NO primary opposition.
Jotte's campaign highlight's that fact that he is her primary opposition as well as Wagner's ties to inside-the-beltway special interests:
Sacrificing principles for political gain, Ann Wagner’s campaign team distributed an email last week that misleads Washington, D.C., special interest donors. 
“Deception should never be accepted or tolerated, and the Wagner campaign has been caught in the act,” said congressional candidate Dr. Randy Jotte. 
The fund-raising email sent by Wagner’s campaign on February 8th to lobbyists in Washington, D.C. erroneously states, “ANN is running for the Todd Akin open-seat and has NO primary opposition. This is a GREAT race to get in on early!”
Both releases:


CultureVigilante said...

Hope Jotte can raise some dough. It's a shame that elections are bought and not run on issues. Establishment will always have the edge as they can raise the most money. Issues play a far back seat to establishment politics. It truly is a shame.

dsm said...


I don't know enough about Jotte, yet, but I've heard that he's not a social conservative. In other words, in a Republican primary where it's all about running to the right of everyone else, he may not be that strong on a lot of issues you care about.