Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unemployment: The Effects of Relaxed Recruiting


Employers influence the pace of job filling by the intensity of their recruiting efforts. Under an aggressive approach, an employer places help-wanted advertisements, reaches out to attractive candidates and retains professional recruiters. Under a relaxed approach, an employer tends to rely on word of mouth or waits passively for applicants. Employers can also screen candidates quickly or slowly. They can set a high or low bar for experience, qualifications and promise. They can offer more or less attractive compensation packages.

Steven J. Davis goes on to explain the range of reasons why the recruiting intensity has diminished.


Zotta's Perspective said...

Many corporations are trying to do more with less people. It works for a short time until the employees begin to burn out.

dsm said...


Yeah, but in this environment, I think you could fire your recruiting department and still do ok. Heck, it might even boost the morale of the people you have left since they'll know that there's one less cost center in the company.

How long could you get away with it? That would depend on a lot of factors, but for small businesses I think you could manage for a couple of years.