Monday, July 18, 2011

‪Bill Hennessy speaks at the St Louis City GOP Picnic ‬‏

St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Bill Hennessy spoke at the St. Louis city GOP's picnic. He talked about the decline of the St. Louis region and how that corresponds to Democrat control. He mentioned the important progress that was made in 2010 for Republicans because of Tea Party conservatives and emphasized that both St. Louis city and county needed Republican leadership before they can reverse their downward trajectory.


Unknown said...

The first sky scraper (wainwright building) was built in St. Louis. The first Modern Bridge (Eads Bridge)was built in St. Louis. The first Police Department to use finger prints was the St. Louis PD. The first in field Communication system with officers in the field, you guessed it St. Louis. St. Louis businessmen sponsered Linbergs alantic crossing. McDonnell Douglas helped us get to the moon. The largest brewery in the world used to call St. Louis home. Union Station used to be the 3rd busiest station. Now we have no major National Bank. We have a Police Department in scandle. We have drive by shootings. We have shameful crime rates.

Now all of that is gone, we live on laurels. We are better than this, and it is part politics, and part apathy. Take back the future! Be part of the solution. Vote for people with vision, not those who have their hands in your pockets so they can get enough cash to buy your vote.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

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