Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fast and Furious: ATF Director Fingers FBI, DEA in Congressional Testimony

Town Hall: Scandal Grows: FBI, DEA Involved With Operation Fast and Furious:

Yesterday, Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson answered questions from Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley surrounding Operation Fast and Furious. Melson voluntarily participated in the interview and appeared with personal counsel, meaning although the Justice Department has prohibited Melson to testify before Congress on behalf of the DOJ about the scandal, he can in fact come forward with information as an individual informant outside of the DOJ and separate from DOJ interests.
Melson revealed the scope of Operation Fast and Furious reaches far beyond ATF and the Justice Department. He said the FBI, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and other agencies were heavily involved.

This is only going to get more interesting as the scope of the investigation widens now that Melson has implicated other agencies.

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